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Private educational institution Institute of Postgraduated Education
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Course level       upgrading training

Teaching language  ukrainian, russian

Course objective                  Acquiring knowledge, understanding and proficiency necessary for awarding level of proficiency of bosun.

Course content 
  • Labour legislation basics; Sectoral economics and enterprise basics
  • Ship design theory basics
  • Ship service arrangement
  • Typical shipboard works practice
  • Ship’s devices operation
  • Dangerous cargoes handling
  • Deck works management
  • Safety familiarization, basic training and instruction for all seafarers
  • Survival craft and fast rescue boats handling
  • Fire fighting
  • Occupational safety
  • Industrial training (painting, knotting, splicing and lifting works)
  • Seagoing practice

Entry requirements     Ukrainian citizenship or residence permit. Documentary evidence of seaservice on Able seafarer deck position not less than 24 months.

Number of participants    maximum 10

Course duration    534 hours / 3 months



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