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Basic H2S Training

  This programme is designed to address the basic training requirements for personnel working in an environment that could become contaminated by H2S gas.

Course level       basic

Teaching language  russian

Course objective         Obtaining practical skills in detecting and measuring the level of gas leak and emergency response in case of gas leak detection

Course content  
  • Hydrogen sulphide – how it is formed and where it is found
  • Other names used to describe H2S
  • Properties of H2S
  • PPM (parts per million) as a measurement parameter
  • Physiological effects of H2S
  • Different methods of H2S measurement and detection
  • Types of respiratory equipment
  • Role of emergency party in case of H2S emission
  • Responding to an alarm
  • Methods of protection against H2S including use of respiratory equipment and escape breathing apparatuses
  • Importance of right choice of mask

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